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Viscera: Autopsy of a (non)human Body is an experimental dance film exploring the relationship between time, memory and trauma. 

Like a decaying body; you look and see just the remains… a shell… a worn, corroded entity. But in this autopsy of a once grand Hotel, we catch a glimpse of the past, of faded memories where the details are blurry, unclear. Much like how an autopsy reveals the history of a person's life, here in the hotel, every room is dissected like an organ. In the past each room had its own important function, but as living took its toll, it soon became a storage place for lost memories.

Shot in an abandoned Hotel in the middle of the Atlantic, Viscera oscillates between clear defined choreography and abstract movement to offer a viscerally moving, and at times disconcerting encounter with that which cannot be put into words.

Viscera is the winner of Best Dance Film at The New Renaissance Film Festival: Dreamers of Dreams, London. Best Sound and Music at Style, Experimental, Fashion Film Festival Los Angeles. Semi-Finalist at 
the Near Nazareth Festival (NNF) Israel.


Arturo Bandinelli


Celina Liesegang


Celina Liesegang


Antonio Branco

Olivia Brown

Celina Liesegang

Riccardo Tarocco

Klaudia Franziska Wittmann


Original Score

Alex Roth


Arturo Bandinelli


Arturo Bandinelli

Sound Design

Adam Paroussos

Visual Effects

Francesco Carpita

Arturo Bandinelli

Graphic Design

Beatrice Bonini

Arturo Bandinelli - Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Arturo is an award-winning experimental filmmaker, researcher and psychoanalyst in training. 

His graduation sci-fi short film Otto Floss: Freelance Watcher (2014) acquired international recognition, including screenings at the ECU European Independent Film Festival (France), London Sci-Fi Film Festival (UK), Lago Film Festival (Italy), Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival (France), Vigik Film Festival (Russia), Festival Utopiales (France) and Young Cuts Fest (Canada). 

In the last few years, Arturo started experimenting with non-fictional film formats in collaboration with choreographers, dancers, visual and performance artists. His recent experimental dance film Walls of Limerick (2018/19) received international acclaim with nearly forty screenings and seven awards (Certamen de Soria, Spain; InShadow Festival, Portugal; Dance Film Festival Prague, Czech Republic; MarDelDance, USA; TDP International Dance Festival, Ireland; and The Richard Harris International Film Festival, Ireland). 


Alex Roth - Composer

Composer, guitarist and producer Alex Roth has, over the last decade, quietly earned a reputation as “one of contemporary music’s most innovative and impressive talents” (musicOMH). His

diverse body of work encompasses improvised performance; dance, theatre and film scores; and leading numerous bands. He has collaborated with some of Europe’s leading experimental musicians, such as John Butcher, Arve Henriksen, Savina Yannatou, Kit Downes, Mikolaj Trzaska and Olga Szwajgier. Alex leads radical Sephardic music ensemble Sefiroth; the solo electronic project Supersigil; an improvising trio with clarinetist Waclaw Zimpel and percussionist Hubert Zemler; and MultiTraction Orchestra, a platform for remote collaboration among a global community of experimental musicians. Alex’s music has been recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra and London Sinfonietta, and his discography also includes collaborations with singer/songwriter Alice Zawadzki and Mercury Prize nominee Laura Jurd, among other releases on labels such as Edition, Whirlwind, Diatribe and NMC. A graduate of Dartington College of Arts and the Royal Academy of Music, Alex divides his time between London and Kraków. 

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