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Lab Congrego is a four piece collective, founded by Celina alongside performance-art duo .2Dot and dance artist, and holistic practitioner Olivia Brown.

Their artistic practice focuses on an audience’s participation within dance/performance art and creating engaging, entertaining, interactive work. This is grounded in liberating the audience from the “norms” of a spectator's role; to be more or less passive physically, reducing their experience to watching and listening. Lab Congrego aims to present the spectator with an opportunity to be more involved, and permits more of a sense of autonomy and authorship in how they experience performance. Their intention is based on the premise that art should strive to be relatable to anyone no matter their age, gender or cultural experience.




An invitation is a performance-game commissioned in 2014 for São Miguel's annual Walk&Talk Festival. It invites the audience to take control and to collectively compose the evolution of the piece. It functions in a similar way to that of a computer-game. The four dancers are what could be considered 'avatars' and the audience are the players behind the controllers. 


The work includes a large number of props (the wackier the better) and aims to provoke thought, intrigue, all through the use of humour and frivolity. 

An Invitation is available for touring. Enquiries can be made by email or through the website.

- Previous performances include -

Galeria Walk&Talk - Azores, Portugal 

SLADE School of Art - UK

Greenwich Dance Agency - UK

London Theatre Workshop - UK


Lab Congrego have been working together for over 6 years, and improvise together as well as in collaboration with other artists, particularly in inclusive settings.

© Photography by Rui Soares

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