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Put, Aggregated

Put, Aggregated is a trio, composed and performed by dance artists Simea Cavelti and Celina Liesegang, in collaboration with Swiss cellist Raphael Heggendorn. Intricate, idiosyncratic sequences are followed by intimate, almost slow-motion moments of contact (both physical and consciously) in a matter-of-fact offering to the audience. By investigating the complex coexistence of the enormous diversity we constitute through culture, language, tradition, religion etc. 'Put, Aggregated' attempts to look at how we deal with the confrontation of something foreign, different or intimidating. Throughout our lives we develop patterns in almost everything we do, we create points of reference, which may give us a sense of comfort and safety. How much do we need to abandon these patterns, the familiar, in order to explore something new and uncanny?


- Previous performances include -

Südpol, Luzern, CH

TripSpace Projects, London, UK

Tojo Theater, Bern, CH
FIM Basel, Basel, CH

- Supported by -

Tankstelle, Klein Theater, Luzern

Canton of Bern

City of Bern

© Photography by Jonathan Liechti

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